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Hormone Testing: What You NEED to Know

new orleans blood testWhen you visit your doctor for your annual check up, you may be sent to the lab for some routine blood work.

Many doctors run a CBC (complete blood count) and serum chemistry tests to get an overall snapshot of primary health markers.

However, very few doctors will run tests on vital, life-giving hormones such as DHEA-S, testosterone, and progesterone.

Unfortunately, millions of people and most medical doctors fail to realize that a specific balance of hormones (the body’s vitally important chemical messengers) is essential to overall health and well-being. If your hormones are greatly depleted—and science has demonstrated that several important hormones decline in aging adults—then you could be at risk.


DHEA-S is a precursor for many other hormones, including testosterone and estrogen. As with other major hormones, the body’s production of DHEA-S begins to diminish in one’s thirties, dropping by about 10% per decade of life in both women and men. Studies show that this decline is correlated with many of the degenerative diseases of aging, such as heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis.

It is very important to measure the level of DHEA-S for both men and women to determine if supplementation is needed.

For women, in addition to promoting overall health, DHEA-S supplementation can also help women regain their sexual edge.

And, men who have higher levels of DHEA-S live longer, healthier lives than men with lower levels of DHEA-S.

Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone

Like other hormones, testosterone is vitally important for women as well as for men. As in men, levels of testosterone in women peak in their twenties and decline thereafter, especially after menopause.

In addition to helping women enjoy a more fulfilling sex life, testosterone may also help them ward off heart disease and breast cancer

In men, declining testosterone produces deleterious effects such as lower libido, sexual function, muscle mass, and strength, and a greater incidence of fatigue and depression.

Yearly testosterone level checks are very important for men and women. However, it is also important to ensure that your doctor checks your free testosterone level—that is, testosterone that is not protein-bound—to determine optimal testosterone levels

Hormone Testing Specific to Males or Females

Men produce estrogen and progesterone, though they produce far less estrogen than do premenopausal women. so they should be measured for estradiol and progesterone, whereas women are measured for total estrogens and progesterone.

Whether you are a woman or man you can find tests specific to your needs here. We offer both male hormone testing and female hormone testing in addition to other vital hormone tests.

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  1. I didn’t realize that imbalanced hormones could be such a risk to your health. I have been having some mood issues lately, and I have been wondering if maybe it has something to do with hormone deficiency. I will have to set up a check up with my doctor and make sure to have hormone testing done.

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